Organic and Regular bell pepper grower 4Evergreen awarded for outstanding entrepreneurship


The Grootscholte Family, renowned bell-pepper growers in the Netherlands and Spain have been awarded the Dutch Tuinbouwondernemersprijs 2014 for their outstanding business development in both regular and organic cultivation.

As PuraNatura we are as proud as a cat with seven tails: 4Evergreen/Grootscholte is a grower that uses the PuraNatura growing concept: The safest and the environmentally friendliest organic method, USDA NOP Organic certified, available only to well-informed and demanding North-American households.


From the jury report:


Strong collaborators and partners

Grower 4Evergreen, a company owned by the Grootscholte Family, is an innovative bell-pepper grower. Through its vision on sustainability, market focus and sound financial returns the  company grew to over 60 hectares of ultramodern covered area in Steenbergen, Westland, St. Annaland en Terneuzen all in the Netherlands and with British partners- in Almeria, Spain.

By partnering on all elements of good entrepreneurship 4Evergreen became a good example for the bell-pepper industry.


Growing organic for PuraNatura

Innovation is in the genes of the family and the company. 4Evergreen was one of the first to use clever lighting systems to provide consumers bell-peppers during the winter. The company itself sorts and packages the green, red, organ and yellow bell-peppers. This enables them to supply retailers with made-to-measure product shipments.


4Evergreen is one of the protagonists that grow on a large scale organic produce. They do such within and through the PuraNatura Foundation together with tomato-growers for the growing North American markets.

4Evergreen sees a great future of this type of sustainably intensified cultivation method and recently increased its area.


Contributing to the positive image of its sector

4Evergreen sees many opportunities for its social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Its greenhouses are heated with waste warmth from electricity producers. The carbon dioxide from those processes is being re-used as well. The company participates in KasEnergy, a company that produces electricity for the Dutch electricity network. Another example is its collaboration with Hogeschool InHolland to test on micronutrients for food, cosmetics and pharma (pharming).

4Evergreen contributes to the strong and positive image of the greenhouse industry with these collaborations with educational and scientific institutions. Students get the opportunity to gain study points for their experiences with the 4Evergreen projects.


Developing knowledge, sharing with colleagues to collectively bring protected bell-pepper (and other vegetable-) cultivation on a higher level; its vision tp spread business risks and realise innovation are elements the jury applauds in the entrepreneurial skills of the Grootscholte family. The company is a true model for the innovative strength of the entire Dutch greenhouse industry.

Grower 4Evergreen is a company that we collectively are very proud of!

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