This is why we do what we do

“Any young person should experience fresh vegetables not just to be healthy but to feel human, to use all the senses and thus define its relationship with the natural world at large” Fresh vegs, fresh kids, fresh ideas. Each and every day, everywhere. We believe in an agriculture based on plant-primacy and regard sophisticated, organic,  protected cropping as the first among equals. The world produces sufficient carbohydrates, fats and proteins to keep everybody alive, but not really kicking. We now need to create nutrient dense food near large population area’s. Protected cropping, greenhouses are an important tool. We believe that the rapid urbanization calls for practical political policies promoting properly scaled greenhouses and protected cropping near and in those densily populated areas. At PuraNatura Foundation we take it upon us to ensure that ever larger communities enjoy nutritious, tasty, affordable, safe and clean vegetables. Produced as local as possible.

This is how we do it

PuraNatura Foundation connects Fresh Vegs afficionados with growers and retailers through knowledge based societal action. We facilitate the sustainable intensification of organic, protected cropping and greenhouses near large cities. PuraNatura leads by example and develops novel cultivation methods, market relationships and public awareness campaigns. Originating in the Netherlands, using state-of-the-art Dutch horticultural insights, we operate in Europe and Northern-America and present our cases regularly in Asia, the Middle-East, Africa and South America. Once we are operating in your language area we will make sure that all our communication materials, including this website, will be in your language, in its entirety. For now, the main language here is English. Thank you for your understanding!
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@IFOAMEU are our organic farmers going for it alone? We assume you agree with Farmers' Statement? See:
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Tja, in Brussel heb je nu eenmaal lange adem nodig!!! Europese bioboeren nieuwe bio-regelgeving onduidelijk
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Interesting for European Certified Organic growers!
RT @foodlog_nl: Groene stroom van kalfjes resultaat wanbeleid melkveehouderij
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RT @Koppert: More than 1000 downloads of our Side Effects App for Google and IOS! Don’t miss out and download the app here:…
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Important article! Not "feeding the world" but help "nourish itself" Veg production could cut world poverty...
RT @peter_jens: I applaud @EventsPOLITICO organising #pesticidesdebate. Yet I think you stepped in #ECPA turd. No acrimony between Biologi…
RT @news_rapha: Clean agri would also help to implement #WFD, so reform of #agriculture is crucial! #CAPcheck #agrarreform2021…
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Kan de wereld worden gevoed met biologische teelt Gaat dit artikel eigenlijk niet over PuraNatura teelt ;-) !